Prevents aging better than letting would be worse. Premature aging for women can be a nightmare. The emergence of thin lines on the face, dark spots, dullness and other damage can certainly affect your appearance everyday.

tips to prevent aging

Do not want this to happen to you? Check out the tips below to prevent aging.

Premature aging occurs as the skin's ability to regenerate itself will decrease with age. This can affect the appearance of . This condition may be aggravated by exposure of the skin to excessive sunlight.

Sunlight is good for health, but it can be an enemy to your skin and it will eventually happen aging. Moreover sunshine all afternoon. Therefore, protect your skin by always using sunscreen when they are outdoors.

to protect skin from the rays that can damage skin sun, one premature aging. Use sunscreen spf 15 or 33 premises, tailored to the needs. Apply 15 minutes before you go outdoors.

Do not let your body hydrated because it can affect the skin's moisture. Avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol.
Smoking not only harms your health but also affects the skin. Smokers have more skin dull and older than someone who does not smoke.

Avoid eating foods containing salt, sugar, unhealthy fats and refined products. Besides the skin look dull can also cause acne. Increase consumption of foods rich in fatty acids such as Omega-3.
Diligent cleansing
Make sure the make-up free face and dirt when you go to sleep. Lazy to clean your face before bed can make clogged pores which can cause irritation to skin.

Avoid scratching the face let alone holding activities scars pimples or blackheads. Hands could be its medium range of impurities that can cause acne and other problems on the face.
Enough sleep
Make sure you get enough sleep in order to maintain skin health. When you sleep, the skin do its own regeneration and remove dead skin cells with new ones. Sleep was able to prevent the presence of eye bags.

Would you believe if people are happy to have a healthy skin? Much of the burden of thinking negative thoughts prior to influence skin health due to avoid stress. Take time to relax in the middle of the routine and return your positive thoughts. Do the things you love and make her laugh.

No need to pay big to prevent aging. Enough with the simple things, but done regularly, even face to look younger.